Work With Reset


Reset-MindBody is pleased to offer the following description of skills, abilities, requisites, interests and other important elements to successfully be a part of our instructional team:


  • Experience teaching youth (K-12) in school settings.
  • Expertise and coursework in Mindfulness, Meditation and/or Yoga.
  • Completion of, or enrollment in an eight week MBSR training program.
  • Excellent, timely and proactive communicator.
  • Ability to work in challenging school environments.
  • Personal meditation practice.
  • Personal professional development in the area of Mindfulness, SEL, Trauma Informed Care, Brain Anatomy and Function


  • Effectively teach Reset curriculum in Milwaukee area schools, grades K-12, in up to ten classrooms per teaching day for the entirety of a term, lasting 9-10 weeks.
  • Schedule classes with classroom teachers/school contacts prior to start of term.
  • Forward Reset office manager, contact information for your designated teachers and school contacts.
  • Provide weekly notes on classrooms (form provided).
  • Dispense teacher evaluations within two weeks of the last class.
  • Conduct parent sessions that are typically scheduled after school hours during conferences or other school functions.
  • Conduct 9 mentor sessions with youth mentors.
  • Inform Reset leadership team of any possible conflicts of interest between Reset and other employment opportunities.
    • As a contractor with Reset-MindBody, receiving and teaching the Reset curriculum or any curriculum in which you are trained or paid to attend during your contract with Reset is the property of Reset. Therefore, any opportunities to teach these curricula must be verified and supported through the Reset administrative team.
    • Any employment that directly competes with Reset-MindBody is not permitted.
      • Competing areas are as follows: teaching mindfulness to school aged children.
      • Working with school personnel: training, providing professional development for, teaching foundational classes for, holding meditation classes for: teachers, school social workers, psychologists, support services staff.
      • Working with local businesses to provide mindfulness based instruction.


  • Excellent Communicator
    • Adept at and comfortable with speaking to school administrators, staff and students of all abilities and backgrounds.
    • Responds promptly and thoroughly to email communications.
    • Keeps leadership team abreast of all upcoming events, school requests, dates and issues concerning Reset.
    • Advises Reset leadership team promptly when questions or concerns arise.
  • Apt Teacher
    • Has experience teaching in a classroom and understands the basic pedagogical necessities to be successful in a classroom.
    • Able to easily differentiate instruction by age/grade level.
    • Has appropriate teacher dispositions including the following:
      • Empathy
      • Positive view of self and others
      • Authenticity
      • Engaging
    • Creates an atmosphere that invites student participation and involvement.
    • Understanding of the impact of trauma on youth and teachers.
    • Ability to integrate movement for self-regulation and self-awareness into lessons.
    • Provides relevant information and/or experiences.
    • Preparedness to execute all lessons effectively and meet the needs of individual classrooms.
    • Explores and discovers personal meaning for themselves and helps students do the same.
  • Attends scheduled staff meetings promptly (as needed).
  • Has a reliable form of transportation, able to lift and transport necessary materials.
  • Has available child care in the event that their child is ill.


New instructors begin under supervision of Reset Leadership team, earning $45 p/hour.

After a successful observational period, instructors make $60 p/hour.

This is a part time position of approximately 10-30 hours per week, with pre-start training. Instructors typically teach during regular school hours 1-4 days per week. Mandated training in the Reset curriculum is free, but instructors are not paid for their time during the training sessions.

Please note, Reset instructors are independently contracted meaning there are no benefits available and individuals will be required to provide at their own expense, Limited Liability Insurance and a criminal background check, before being able to teach in a school classroom setting.

Please contact us at: with additional questions.

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