The Basics of Mindfulness Workshop



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                                       The Basics of Mindfulness  

A 3-Part Workshop specifically designed for organizations that work with youth.

Participants will experience mindfulness-based practices and strategies to help them recognize and calm their strong emotions, feel better able to handle their stress and be more present, focused and connected to the youth they serve. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to engage youth in mindfulness-based activities. Sessions are specifically designed to include trauma sensitive concepts.

Part 1: The “what” and “why” of mindfulness?     

  • How is mindfulness defined?
  • What is present moment awareness?
  • Why is mindfulness critical for developing my self-awareness, emotional regulation, impulse control, responsible decision making and the ability to be kind?

Part 2: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness.

  • How is the nervous system and brain affected when I experience stress?
  • How does practicing mindfulness affect my nervous system and brain?
  • How can mindfulness-based strategies be useful to me and the youth I serve?

Part 3: Mindfulness Strategies.

  • What are some strategies I can use to enable me to handle my stress?
  • What are some strategies I can share with the youth I serve to help them:
    • feel safe
    • feel calm and less stressed
    • be more kind and compassionate
    • focus and participate?

This workshop is available in three 1- hour sessions or one 3-hour session.                     Cost of workshop – $500                                                                                                               Need based scholarships are available. Please send a scholarship request to: along with a letter of intent answering the following questions:

  1. How will this training be incorporated into your organization’s daily interactions with your staff and the youth they serve?
  2. How will mindfulness strategies be integrated into your SEL programming?