Individual and Family Reset

Reset instructors offer individual sessions, classes, and workshops for people interested in incorporating mindfulness-based strategies into their daily lives. Our approach is based on the idea that families act as emotional units. To cultivate mindful connection within the family, we begin with self-awareness and how we can individually account for our own reactions and recognize how our stress impacts our loved ones. Once we are aware of our own triggers and reactions to them, we can begin to self-regulate and model responsive behavior rather than reactive behavior. We believe in the ripple effect  “a shift in personal awareness has transpersonal consequences” (Salzberg, 2014, p. 163).

Individual Sessions

Reset’s individual sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to practice explicit attentional training through mindfulness based practices. Reset instructors provide psycho-education – the discussion of psychological concepts that helps individuals better understand and regulate their internal life and behavior. The goals of individual sessions are to promote:

  • Self- Regulation
  • Attentional Control
  • Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Resiliency
  • Kindness and Compassion toward oneself and others.

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