Reset Instructors

Reset instructors have varying backgrounds in education, wellness, psychology, social work, mindfulness and yoga, as well as diverse training or certifications in one or more of the following:

  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
  • MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher Training (250 Hour)
  • Yoga Ed
  • Mindfulness Curricula (Mindful Schools, Growing Minds, Mindfulness in Schools Project (.b), Learning to BREATHE, Calm Classroom, Transformative Life Skills, Stressed Teens)
  • C.A.R.E. for Teachers
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Urban Education
  • Social Work – Community and Family Services

Reset Instructors gathered for a Fall Retreat

Anna Silberg, Ph.D. is a co-founder of Reset-MindBody. Anna’s strengths are adolescent and adult teaching, consulting, programming, curriculum, teacher mentoring, and individual mindfulness education. Read Anna’s full bio here.

Nan Flaherty is a co-founder of Reset-MindBody. Nan’s strengths are K-12 teaching, adult teaching, curriculum, teacher mentoring, student mentoring, and individual yoga or mindfulness education. Read Nan’s full bio here.

Amy Gardner is a lead Reset classroom instructor with over ten years experience who’s dedicated to the healing potential of a mindfulness practice. Amy’s strengths are K-12 teaching, teacher mentoring, and individual yoga and/or mindfulness education. Read Amy’s full bio here.

Jennifer Moglowsky is a lead Reset classroom instructor. With an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education, her strengths are K-3 teaching, teacher mentoring and individual mindfulness education. Read Jennifer’s full bio here.

Laura Borg is a lead Reset classroom instructor who’s strengths are K-8 teaching, and individual yoga and/or mindfulness education. Read Laura’s full bio here.

Pamela Miller is a lead Reset classroom instructor with multifaceted training and experience . Pamela’s strengths are her ability to teach English and Spanish-speaking youth and adults yoga and/or mindfulness. Read Pamela’s full bio here.

Alan Anderson is a lead Reset classroom instructor, as well as, professional musician, and writer. Alan’s manifold talents and interests paired with his extensive experience in mindfulness and education provide a unique experience in his classrooms. Read Alan’s full bio here.

Jamie Lynn Tatera is a lead Reset classroom instructor. She has extensive mindfulness training and experience, and a holistic approach to teaching. Her specialty is helping people learn to deal skillfully with difficult thoughts and feelings. Read Jamie Lynn’s full bio here.

Kim Stephens has been working with Reset since our beginning and is currently heading our Mentoring for Mindfulness Coaches program. She has over twelve years of mindfulness experience and has trained with several mindfulness pioneers. Kim is deeply committed to healing community trauma through acupuncture and mindfulness based practices. Read Kim’s full bio here.

Amy Lynn Zwart is a lead classroom instructor who has joined Reset for the 2018 school year. She is a yoga practitioner with extensive certifications, a doula and is currently finishing her certification as a Yoga Therapist. Read Amy Lynn’s full bio here.

Ashley Michaels is a lead classroom instructor who has joined Reset for the 2019 school year. She was a Milwaukee Public School teacher for six years and has an extensive background in mindfulness, yoga and early childhood education. Read Ashley’s full bio here.

Lindsey Ruenger is a lead classroom instructor who has joined Reset for the 2019 school year. Lindsey comes to Reset after five years teaching in Chicago public schools and has an expansive background in teaching yoga and movement practices to children and adults. Ready Lindsey’s full bio here.

Madeline Martin is a community artist and educator. She holds a Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts from UW-Milwaukee, as well as a Certificate in Cultures and Communities. A student and practitioner of mindfulness and yoga most of her life, Madeline received her yoga teaching training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis with an emphasis on prenatal, postnatal and family yoga. Read Madeline’s full bio here.

Danielle Lussier is a lead classroom instructor with a background in Fine Arts and entrepreneurship. She came to mindfulness out of a personal need, then furthered her education through Mindful Schools and Early Education SEL courses. Read Danielle’s full bio here.