Mindfulness in Schools Introductory Workshop

The Mindfulness in Schools Workshop introduces educators to techniques that can be used daily to enhance focusing skills, manage emotions and support conflict resolution. These practices, when used regularly, have been shown to help students calm down, avoid fights and arguments, fall asleep at night, feel happier at school and home and improve grades.

Mindfulness workshop-1

The Mindfulness in Schools Workshop is a 7.5 hour workshop series that can be divided into multiple sessions. Each session has interactive components with video, demonstration, small group work, pair and share, and lecture. This workshop is appropriate for all school leaders, mental health professionals, teachers, and staff.

Upon completion of this workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Harness an awareness of why mindfulness is critical for developing self-awareness, emotional regulation, impulse control, responsible decision-making and the ability to be kind
  • Explain how the brain reacts to the body’s stress response
  • Recognize how being mindful of sensations can act as a radar for strong emotions
  • Distinguish between automatic reactions versus mindful responses
  • Identify ways that mindfulness strategies can establish strong connections in the classroom
  • Understand how mindfulness techniques can rewire the brain for positivity
  • Demonstrate mindfulness techniques to use with students