Mentoring for Mindfulness Coaches

Reset is proud to offer an adult mentoring program; Mentoring for Mindfulness Coaches! As a continuation of our In-Classroom Program, a Reset Instructor will revisit your school in a supportive role, to work with Mindful Champions, Administration, and school staff, ensuring the sustainability of mindfulness in your School Improvement Plan.

A Reset Instructor will administer six sessions (each 45-60 minutes in length) of mindfulness mentoring for school Coaches and Champions wherein we:

  • Work together with student mentors and Coaches/Champions to
    help create opportunities for student mentors to practice
    mindfulness school-wide.
  • Teach specific Reset curriculum strategies from our Tool-box, including scripted practices that can be used in classrooms, in small groups, over the intercom at the beginning of each school day, as well as at staff meetings.
  • Allow participants to practice Reset tools and lessons with constructive feedback.
  • Work with adult leaders in the school to ensure that mindfulness aligns with the SEL, Trauma Informed, and/or PBIS goals outlined in the school’s School-Improvement Plan.pausenotice

Upon completion of the six Mentoring for Mindfulness Coaches sessions, schools may opt to continue their mindfulness training through Reset’s Observations of Mindfulness Coaches and Champions.

In our Observations of Mindfulness Coaches/Champions Program, Reset will provide instructional coaches who will ensure fidelity and quality of instruction by observing school staff members teaching the Reset curriculum tools and strategies.

Reset will provide:

  • Certified/trained instructors in mindfulness curricula, with a minimum of four years teaching mindfulness in urban schools, and advanced qualifications in mentoring adults in mindfulness instruction.
  • Observational guidelines for Reset observers to monitor Mindfulness Coaches/Champions lessons.
  • One-on-one coaching immediately following the observation. Narrative feedback forms to Mindfulness Coaches/Champions which includes:
    • Quality of instruction (authenticity of leading mindfulness
    •  Delivery of content (Reset lesson plan)
    • Ability to lead students in practice
    • Aptitude in holding students’ attention
    • Capacity to engage classroom teachers
    • Aptness at holding safe and trusting space for participants