Reset’s varied team of Instructors are committed to excellence in mindfulness instruction. Their diverse backgrounds and certifications, years of experience, and personal mindfulness practices all lend to their unparalleled presence in the classroom.


“The lessons were very valuable to both myself and my students. The instructor was extremely effective! The students looked forward to her coming. I definitely plan on continuing to use mindfulness strategies and would recommend this program to anyone with active students.” – 7th Grade Teacher



“I use the mindfulness class to help me so I don’t get out of control.”
“I am so thankful that you taught mindfulness. And can’t wait to use more of it outside of school.”

Elementary students who worked with Julie Griswold shared their gratitude and takeaway from ten weeks of  mindfulness lessons.






“Reset’s lessons were valuable and engaging. The instructor was very effective, thorough, knowledgeable, joyful and loving! I plan to continue using the strategies in my classroom because they help reduce stress and help keep us calm!” – 2nd Grade Teacher


“I would definitely continue to use the Reset program strategies with students. I highly recommend this program to others. These strategies are effective and practical in children’s lives and adulthood. The visual aids were helpful as well.” -3rd Grade Teacher


students making mindjars
“The mind jar helped me focus and we made some of our own! Now I can reset at school!”


These elementary students had the opportunity to make their own Mind Jars. Used as a prompt when students are experiencing strong emotions, Mind Jars provide a visual focus with a few moments for purposeful breathing.




“I feel as though the Mindfulness sessions were very beneficial to the students as well as the teacher. The instructor delivered the lesson very professionally and was knowledgeable which led to student participation throughout the lesson. I would highly recommend the program to other schools.” -8th Grade Teacher


letter “The person who has impacted my life is my mindfulness teacher. She has made hard times in my life easier to deal with. Her teaching me mindfulness has reduced my stress levels and made me realize that everything isn’t always as bad as it seems. She has made my life a lot more happy and less stressful. Thanks to mindfulness I’ve learned to reset myself and think positive. So thank you for everything you’ve taught me. I appreciate every lesson we’ve had.”  -Sophomore from Riverside High School



Students at a Reset school tune into their breath with the help of  Breathing Buddies.


“My students found the mindfulness sessions to be peaceful and relaxing. This is something they have done in the past, but were not used to resetting their feelings. This program helped them rediscover that. I personally found that my students are more receptive to their lessons after our mindfulness sessions. This program should be in every school because it helps calm the students and gets them to think about themselves for a change. I look forward to continuing the mindfulness sessions with my students. Thank you for taking the time to help calm our classroom.” -7th Grade Teacher


“Amy taught us many wonderful strategies that we use regularly in our classroom. Her positive energy was well received by my firsties. It is very important for our students to have strategies to help them refocus and maintain control. I highly recommend this program and Amy! Hoping she’ll be back next year.” -1st Grade Teacher


7 Shakes-1During Spring of the 2018 school year, Reset provided In-Classroom Mindfulness programming to 143 classrooms in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area. A majority of teachers from these classrooms shared that they had been using mindfulness strategies, specifically “7 Shakes” and “Flower Hands”, with their students before testing to promote calm focused energy and confidence.


“I would recommend this program to other schools and classes because of it’s positive effect on the students’ performance.” -4th Grade Teacher

“Kids loved and appreciated all the mindful strategies. This added on to some skills they knew. I loved seeing them take ownership over their actions and practice those skills in and outside of our classroom community.” -4th Grade Teacher

“I just had to share with you what some of the girls chose to do during playtime today with an apple juice container they found in my recycling bin. Clearly…you have been such an inspiration to my little ones.  I have to admit, I had a bit of a lump in my throat today, as we said goodbye to you for the last time.  Thank you for all that you have done.  It’s pretty incredible how much of an impact you have had on these 14 little minds in just a few fifteen minute, weekly sessions.
You are already missed, but have left such a tremendous stamp on all of our minds and hearts…” – Kindergarten Teacher















shared journeys
“Anna Silberg leads a group session on “mindful breathing”, which strengthens the ability to remain calm and focused. The group met as part of the curriculum at Shared Journeys, a West Allis-West Milwaukee School District charter school for teen parents.” – Journal Sentinel

We love seeing how schools implement mindfulness lessons into their school culture! Below are a few drawings from a local school’s Grades 1-5 Special Ed Class.