Madeline’s BIo

Madeline Martin is a community artist and educator.  After receiving a Bachelors of Arts from UW-Milwaukee with a certificate in Cultures and Communities, she taught arts education throughout Milwaukee and the Twin Cities. Much of her arts curriculum was built with mindfulness as its foundation. In Spring 2019, Madeline received a Masters of Fine Arts from UW-Milwaukee.  Her work has been shown nationally, and she currently works in a studio space at Scout Gallery. Her artwork centers on the themes of intergenerational love and the stories we inherit, but most importantly her work aims to highlight the worth inherent in every human being.

In addition to her arts background Madeline has been a student and practitioner of mindfulness and yoga since she was a teenager.  She received her yoga teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, with an emphasis on prenatal, postnatal, and family yoga.   As a first-year instructor with Reset-MindBody, Madeline feels honored to guide students towards resilience, emotional well-being, and an appreciation for the present moment. 

In all of her roles, Madeline brings her passion for community and mindful awareness.