Laura’s Bio

 LauraBorgLaura Borg is a Yoga and Mindfulness instructor with over eight years of experience and extensive training. Her focus is on teaching adult and youth to develop strength, focus, stability and self-regulation of body and mind. Laura provides her students with the ways to skillfully manage their stress and be better able to take personal responsibility for themselves and their community. She established Inner Peace Mindfulness and Yoga in 2015 to provide services for adults, kids, and families.

Laura received her mindfulness training from Growing Minds,( Mindfulness curriculum training K-12 and Foundations of Mindful Living), Rooted in Mindfulness (MBSR 10 week course) and Learning to Breathe, (Mindfulness Curriculum Training for Adolescents).  She received her yoga certification from Kanyakamari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center,( 240 hour program), Yoga ed, (Yoga Education for students K-8) and Global Family Yoga, (focusing on Child Development from the Yoga Perspective, and Positive Action Language for Families, Teachers and Friends).