Julie Griswold’s Bio

julie bio pic-03Julie Griswold’s background in education is focused in English, Reading, Writing and Study Skills. She helps provide students with transferable skills that can be applied across the curriculum, and specializes in supporting students with ADHD or Executive Functioning disorders. Julie uses her mindfulness training to help students improve focus, and manage stress and self-regulatory behaviors.

Julie received her mindfulness training from Palouse Mindfulness (MBSR 10 week training course), Mindful Life-Foundations of Mindful Parenting, and the Growing Minds Curriculum. She was nominated as Teacher of the Year and has been identified as an Exemplary Teacher/Model Teacher for classroom management/behavior skills in all of the schools in which she taught. She has a Master’s of Art in Teaching Secondary Education (English), she is currently earning a second Master’s in Teaching Literacy and holds a Lifetime Educator’s License in Wisconsin.