Core Theories

The Reset-MindBody  philosophy is based on essential core theories including:

Mindfulness Based Strategies

  • Implementing practices to develop self-awareness, self- regulation, and resilience empowering the individual with a changed perspective, which enables self-efficacy.
  • Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention on purpose to what is happening in the present moment in both our inner and outer experience.
  • Inner (Our thoughts, emotions, sensations and urges to act)
  • Outer (All stimuli we experience through our 5 senses)
  • Once we become aware of the triggers of our experience, we can pause and notice ways that we typically react out of habit. From there, we can intentionally reset our minds and bodies so that we can respond thoughtfully in any given situation.
Mindful Behavior Chart

Whole Person Approach to Social and Emotional Wellness  

  • Building self-awareness, self-regualtion, social-awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills.

Whole Institution Approach for a Positive Climate

  • Focusing on education and communication while exploring practices that support community building, attunement, restorative discipline/justice, and care-ethic.

Social Neuroscience and Interpersonal Biology

  • Introducing techniques that heal the impact of trauma on the brain, release toxic stress, and support the importance of relationships for the success of personal  development, learning, and a sense of belonging.


  • Based on the research of Dewey and Vygotsky, people learn by doing rather than observing. They participate in a social activity connecting the facts to the situations and environments to which they are relevant.