Response to Trauma Workshop

Reset’s Response to Trauma workshop will focus on the core components necessary to build resilient school communities wherein the adverse effects of trauma exist. The half-day workshop is divided into learning modules based on the needs of the school community.


The Response to Trauma Workshop is divided into five instructional modules. Each module has interactive components with video, demonstration, small group work, pair and share, and lecture. This workshop is appropriate for all school leaders, mental health professionals, teachers, and staff.

Module 1: What is trauma (1 hour)

  • Participants will learn how to identify symptoms and reactions to traumatic stress

Module 2: The neurobiology of trauma (1.25 hours)

  • Participants will learn how trauma affects brain development, learning, memory, and the nervous system

Module 3: Everyday tools for resilience and healing trauma (2.25 hours)

  • Participants will learn strategies and techniques all trauma informed classrooms/schools should implement on a daily basis

Module 4: Building authentic relationships (1.5 hours)

  • Participants will learn about the importance of attachment, connections, and attunement for students with trauma histories

Module 5: Building resilient school communities in crisis (2.5 hours)

  • Participants will learn how schools should prepare for and respond to crisis

Upon completion of this workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Define and identify symptoms of trauma
  • Explain and demonstrate how trauma affects the developing brain and nervous system
  • Lead mindfulness based interventions to calm the nervous system and prepare for learning
  • Regulate their own nervous system to prepare for working with students with trauma histories
  • Understand the importance of building authentic relationships with struggling students
  • Prepare for acute trauma in the school community
Modules can be divided into multiple sessions. Cost: $300 per hour
This training counts towards Wisconsin 143 grant funding for advanced training in adolescent mental health.