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The Re-Set organization provides instruction in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness based strategies to youth and adults in schools and organizations throughout our community. Our instruction is based on the understanding that the human brain and nervous system can limit our ability to focus, reflect, learn, and feel relaxed and connected. As a result we can become reactive, inflexible and disconnected and we need tools to Re-Set ourselves.

Re-Set skilled instructors use a comprehensive combination of (SEL) strategies and scientifically researched Mindfulness skills that are accessible to all ages and abilities. Participants who practice Re-Set strategies routinely, develop the ability to be better able to focus, learn, connect, and respond flexibly to whatever arises. Over time, they can improve their capacity to be more self-aware, better self-regulate and feel more ease in mind and body.

We have designed specific programs to empower individuals and members of schools, businesses, and families with Mindfulness and SEL tools that enhance the natural ability to:

  • Integrate and regulate the brain and nervous system
  • Deepen attunement and social interconnectedness
  • Recognize and manage emotions
  • Be emotionally flexible and resilient
  • Feel less stressed and reactive
  • Focus and concentrate

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