Our mission at Reset-MindBody is to support and serve our community by providing youth and adults with instruction that improves their overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. We introduce and facilitate the concepts of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Trauma Informed Mindfulness-Based Strategies that can easily be integrated into daily life. Through psycho-education, intervention programs and specialized workshops, we empower individuals to become more self-aware, to better self-regulate, and ultimately feel capable of creating and nurturing personal resilience to handle the challenges of today’s world.

Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Wellness

The human brain and nervous system can limit our ability to focus, reflect, learn and feel relaxed and connected. As a result, we can become reactive, inflexible and disconnected.

At Reset, the instruction we provide supports, regulates, and resets the nervous system. Our in-classroom program is designed to address the intrinsic reward students experience when they learn to practice strategies in a collaborative and experiential manner rather than a theoretical conversation.

Our highly skilled instructors teach Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies and scientifically researched Mindfulness Skills to address all ages and abilities. When participants practice these strategies routinely, they develop the qualities necessary to be better able to focus, learn, connect, and respond flexibly to whatever arises. Over time, they can improve their capacity to be more self-aware, better self-regulated and feel more ease in mind and body.

Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive

Our programs and workshops are designed so that all participants can learn and grow. With that in mind, Reset is informed by the basic knowledge of how traumatic experiences and traumatic stress may impact individuals we serve. Our lessons and workshops minimize the potential for individuals to become triggered by stress as we anticipate and guide participants through practices with language, movement, and choices that feel safe. Emotional support and healing is a key component for all Reset facilitators. We lead with compassion.

Reset uses the National Child Traumatic Stress Network guidelines in designing curricula and holding space for individuals with trauma histories. For more information about how Reset’s programming is designed to be Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive please contact us.